About Me
from birth i have always been defined by my creativity.  from fine art to music, my passion for the arts has always been evident. Animation was the destination my path lead to . I am fascinated by the film industry and hope to be a part of some big projects in the future as of my current experience being limited to student feature films. 
I am a highly driven animation graduate that is now actively looking for employment. I have lots of specialist expertise within the creative and technical industries, which serve as a testament to my passion for learning and ability to adapt quickly to any given task or job. These skills make me an asset to any company, and in harnessing these specialisms I become more than a regular employee. My extroverted personality and great communication skills make me ideal in socially focussed work and I flourish when working in a team. This combined with my confidence and approachability make me a great colleague and employee. Click below to see cv